Topaz Enhance 2.2.2

Topaz Enhance 2.2.2: Enhance SD video to HD, suppress noise, sharpen video, correct color bleeding. enhancement plug-in Topaz Enhance features a series of advanced filters that dramatically increase the quality of processed videos. The breakthrough proprietary technology used in this software are not found anywhere else and can affect a distinct improvement in any of your projects. The avid video professional will find Topaz Enhance to be an invaluable tool for substantially improving video quality. With Topaz Enhance, you can: * De-interlace videos

IQ Game 1.0: Enhance your brain capabilities, improve iq score and memory
IQ Game 1.0

Enhance your brain capabilities, improve iq score and memory with this interesting and easy to use brain enhancement package. It contains program that trains your intelligence and improves your iq test score. Another program helps you to significantly improve your memory and speed of reaction. Both programs are based on a scientific method developed by professional psychologists, that is used for brain enhancement for many years.

brain enhancement, iq test, brain game, intelligence quotient

HyperLens 6.0.1: Ultimate Screen Magnifier to Visualize Every Detail of Display and Presentation!
HyperLens 6.0.1

Enhancer! HyperLens is a powerful screen magnifier and display enhancer which enables you to freely Zoom, Rotate, Highlight, Sharpen, Enhance, Adjust, Filter and Capture your computer screen display and presentation! You can easily zoom the highly detailed presentations, even with Arbitrary Rotation to effectively present every detail from any angle! It is an advanced yet easy-to-use screen magnification program and also an effective presentation

presentation, windows magnifier, magnifying glass, enhance, magnification, zoom, desktop, enhancements, display, magnifier, screen magnifier, screen

Visual Photo++ 1.00: Enhance your photos with lots of advanced auto photo retouching algorithms
Visual Photo++ 1.00

enhancement algorithm. Visual Photo++ is not only a comprehensive application ideal for acquiring, organizing, viewing, and sharing your images, but also a powerful photo enhancing software for automatically adjusting image`s exposure, color, despecking image`s noise and so on. Unique Features of Visual Photo++ 1.0: Browse pictures with popup thumbnails Advanced Adaptive photo Enhancement algorithm with Color Restoration(Advanced AECR) Advanced Adaptive

photo browse, infranview, photo enhancement, photo retouching, neat image, enhance image, photo restoration, enhance photo, acdsee, enhance picture

WinJPG 1.3: Enhance your pictures with a single click, file-by-file or in a batch.
WinJPG 1.3

Enhance your pictures with a single click: make the colors more natural, add vibrancy, contrast, make them sharper, or optimize them for the web or e-mail. File-by-file or in a batch. With WinJPG complex image enhancement algorithms your images will look more natural. The application is also accessible from the pop-up menu that appears when you right-click an image file, so it is always at your fingertips.

saturation, date, time, photo, enhance, winjpeg, exif, winjpg, mass, vibrance, watermark, picture, convert

NightVision 1.03: PhotoShop plug-in for generating nightvision goggle views.
NightVision 1.03

enhance and correct image intensity just like real night-vision hardware. Besides bringing you total realism, the NightVision plug-in will also you to do non-realistic effects such as the blue scan of a bird shown here on the left. Since any of the effects can be switched on and off, you can do a lot more than just enhance images. This image of a cowboy wearing a hat has been entirely created using NightVision, the source image was of normal color

width, vision, nightgoggles, goggle, enhance, goggles, shade, lens, size, binoc, color, vanderlee, navy

MyQuickView MyQuickView - View, Edit, Enhance, Rotate, Convert, Manage and Share Your Photos

Enhance your photos with powerful editing tools. Make color corrections, add effects, remove red eye and apply filters. Adjust contrast and saturation. Sharpen, soften, enhance detail, focus restoration, blur, emboss and more to enhance or correct your photos. Convert format, resize, rename, rotate, enhance and add watermark can be performed on several photos at once with Batch Processing. MyQuickView quickly displays your photos in high quality.

picture viewer, enhance, add effects, edit, rename, photo manager, sharpen, batch process, photo viewer, convert, organize, add watermarks, image manager

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